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Fly Fishing with SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

Experience Fly Fishing in ScotlanD

Fly fishing is one of Scotland's truly great sports. Get out and enjoy breath-taking nature, don your waders and try your hand at this sophisticated style of fishing at SCHLOSS Roxburghe. Accessible for all ages, fly fishing can be a passion that stays with you for life – from aged eight to eighty.

Beginners and advanced fishers alike can’t fail to appreciate the silence, the fresh air, the inviting natural surroundings that you can experience and enjoy while fly fishing in Scotland. With a sophisticated casting technique, perfected through practice, fly fishing is an incredibly distinguished style of fishing. Using fur or feather lures that float on the water’s surface as bait, fly fishing is a time-honoured tradition in these parts. Fishers from all over the UK, Europe and the world travel to Scotland year after year to enjoy the country’s incomparable fly fishing experience.

Shooting in the scottish borders.

The silence. The fresh air.
For pure hunting passion.

Experience fishing in a new way.

The silence. The fresh air.
For pure fishing passion.

Other activities.

Falconry, Golf
and more.

Fishing in the Scottish Borders.

Perhaps the most popular types of fly fishing in the Scottish Borders are for both Brown and Rainbow Trout. Amateur and experienced anglers both love the allure of catching Trout in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the fisheries and fishing points around SCHLOSS Roxburghe and the Scottish Borders.

The misconception about fishing in Scotland is that you’re required to trek up to the Highlands or Lochs for the best experience. Not so, Fishing in the Scottish Borders can be equally fulfilling and exciting. With the Rivers Tweed and Teviot meeting at Kelso, there’s plenty of places near SCHLOSS Roxburghe to wade in the water. Little more than an hour from both Newcastle and Edinburgh, great fishing in the Scottish Borders couldn’t be more accessible than at SCHLOSS Roxburghe…

Country Sports at SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

Fly fishing is just one of the country sports available in our impressive range of on-site activities. At SCHLOSS Roxburghe, you’ll have ample opportunity to master a new skill or hone an old one. Plus, many of our country sports are suitable for families and large groups. Whoever you’re with, you’re sure to find the perfect pursuit for you.

SCHLOSS Roxburghe invites you not just to relax, but to enjoy the great outdoors. Reconnect with nature and get active during your stay – whether it’s fly fishing, hunting, golf or merely a nice country walk. Horse-trekking and cross-country cycling are also popular in the local area. The beautiful Scottish Borders surrounding Kelso – stretching to Melrose, Jedburgh and beyond – deserves to be seen. How would you like to discover the Scottish Borders?

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