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Jogging & Hiking.

Activities in the Scottish Borders.

Experience Scotland’s nature – and new adventures.

Schloss Roxburghe is perfectly located in the Scottish Borders. to pursue numerous activities in fantastic and untouched nature. The famous River Tweed flows through the region from west to east, forming the natural border with England for the last twenty miles of its course.

Our estate offers a wide selection of opportunities to make your stay with us extraordinary. Whether it's a weekend break or a longer holiday, there's plenty of activities to experience the beauty Scottish Borders first hand or to have shot at a new hobby offered at the SCHLOSS Country Sports Centre.


The Scottish Borders is Scotland’s leading cycling destination. There are a good number of shorter trails from most of the main towns and also some longer distance routes.

Jogging & Hiking.

Think of the Scottish Borders and think of big spaces: heather-clad rolling hills, hundreds of square miles of forests and woodland, lochs and rivers. The area is criss-crossed by a multitude of paths and fantastic long distance routes. The Scottish Borders is an excellent place to explore the beauty of nature by foot.


The soft creaking of branches overhead and the familiar smell after a fresh rainfall along a fern-filled path can add a sense of magic to a walk. Be at peace among the trees as you explore a wooded path surrounded by autumn colours. Click on the link below to explore our very own woodland walk.


A civilised game for all to enjoy.
Join us on the lawn, what better way to while away a sunny afternoon than with a round of croquet?
Just knocking balls through hoops sounds easy, but there's a lot more to croquet than meets the eye.

Floors Castle.

An architectural gem built between 1721 and 1726, Floors Castle is home to the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe. The Castle is open to visitors from April to October who would like to explore the castle, its Victorian Walled Gardens, indulge a traditional Afternoon Tea in the Courtyard Café or enjoy numerous concerts and events at this outstanding location.


Enjoy the magnificent countryside and coastline of the Scottish Borders while driving or riding your treasured motors. And when your engine is switched off unwind at SCHLOSS Roxburghe and experience the finest Scottish hospitality at our historic hotel.


Stroll through picturesque towns such as the charming old town of Melrose, discover fascinating sights in the numerous Abbeys, and explore awe-inspiring stately homes and castles. We will be pleased to advise you on your excursion and give you our insider tips. Just contact us.


Few countries rival Scotland when it comes to dramatic scenery. Our high places were made for bungee jumping, the open ocean for scuba diving and fast flowing rivers for white water rafting.
If you’re looking for outdoor activities and extreme sports, Scotland is the place to find them.

If you would like to have a go at organising outdoor adventures in the Scottish Borders, a member of our team would be happy to help make your dreams come true.

Group Bookings.

SCHLOSS Roxburghe is home to a whole host of activities which are perfect for groups - be it a pack of friends, a bunch of colleagues or a family. Not only is the Scottish countryside a perfect getaway, there are so many options for group activities here – plus the luxury accommodation, fine dining and amazing facilities of SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

Weekend Break.

From jam-packed active weekend breaks to relaxed, romantic getaways, SCHLOSS Roxburghe have you covered. The SCHLOSS itself and the beautiful countryside offer countless possibilities to relax or end the day totally knackered. It’s up to you.
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