Our Boutique Hotel in Scotland

A Slice of Boutique Style in the Scottish Borders…

Scotland has a long tradition of boutique hotels. Exclusive locations, with effortless elegance pouring through every doorway, these hotels offer stylish boltholes for a weekend away. SCHLOSS Roxburghe is proud to continue that tradition, and to put something of a modern twist on it too.

Our eye-catching interior design has seen us featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Grazia and Boutique Hotelier among others. SCHLOSS Roxburghe even got our fab design team Kitzig Design Studios nominated for an International Hotel & Property Award.

Blending old & new – modern prints with traditional furnishings – you really have to come and see what all the fuss is about for yourself. Whether you visit for an Afternoon Tea or a luxury weekend getaway, SCHLOSS Roxburghe is the place to be to enjoy one of Scotland’s finest boutique hotels.

Boutique Style: Inspiring Interiors…

Interior design should be equal parts impressive and inspiring. Clean lines, traditional furnishings, a bold colour palette… yet boutique style is so much more than the sum of all its parts. A hotel like ours also has to offer the boutique experience and feel; we want you to walk into SCHLOSS Roxburghe and say “Wow!”

From the tartan-clad floor and patterned walls of the lobby, to the classically designed library bar, to the cosy wing-backed chairs by the open fireplaces – every nook and cranny of our public spaces is a treat. No less so in our rooms & suites; retire to your bedroom and find a uniquely-styled boutique boudoir awaiting you. Everyone has their own favourite suite, they’re all different, but the thing they all have in common is this: they’re modern, luxurious, stylish and above all incredibly comfy!

A Touch of Traditional Scottish Style.

The real danger of becoming a modern boutique hotel is forgetting where you come from. As a Scottish Country House Hotel, SCHLOSS Roxburghe hardly wants to eradicate its history – on the contrary, it’s much better to embrace it! That’s where our talented team of designers came in…

Pulling off the perfect balancing act, Kitzig Design Studios have blended the traditional Scottish countryside aesthetic with modern flair. While you’re still able to enjoy a dram of whisky around the hearth of a roaring open fire, or admire classical art on the walls, you do so in an environment that still feels fresh and new. No fusty old interiors here!

A Stylish Blend of Old & New.

A touch of tartan here, plush modern furnishings there… We hope we’ve been able to give you a sense of what’s on offer at SCHLOSS Roxburghe. If you would like to know more, or make a booking, you can reach out to our team at any time.

SCHLOSS Roxburghe is proud to be counted among the very best boutique hotels in Scotland. From playing host to Instagram influencers and Hollywood stars to providing the backdrop for the photo shoots of luxury brands, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Both inside & outside, our hotel is designed to leave you with an indelible impression. We look forward to welcoming you here on a boutique getaway very soon…

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