Our Country House Hotel in Scotland.

Experience Luxury Country Life at SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

Modern life can be a little unforgiving at times; work, family commitments and a packed schedule keep you busy and before you know it, a week’s gone by without a proper break. More than just a hotel, SCHLOSS Roxburghe, part of Destination by Hyatt, is the ideal retreat to get away from it all, Embrace fully the chance to live like the lord of the manor for a weekend; indulge with good food, partake in country sports and stay in supreme comfort during your time here.

A Weekend in the Life of the Landed Gentry.

What is it that we find so appealing about the luxurious life of the country elite? Everyone has a different answer – from the thrill of country sports, to the excellent, rich food & drink, to simply the abundance of fresh air. There’s also the romance of a simpler way of British life. Free from the constant noise of cities and the endless distraction of technology, life in the countryside certainly offers a more peaceful existence. 

SCHLOSS Roxburghe is the perfect place to experience this lifestyle. Our comfortable country house hotel acts as basecamp for a weekend of activities, including our superb selection of country sports, such as shooting and fly-fishing. Have afternoon tea in front of a roaring fire, or a hearty meal to restore your energy each evening, before sampling the best Scottish whiskies at the bar. Go to sleep in your gorgeous suite, then rise in the morning and do it all over again.

SCHLOSS Roxburghe: Rural & Romantic.

SCHLOSS Roxburghe is also a good choice for a romantic retreat with your significant other. Much of what makes our country house hotel the perfect rural getaway destination also makes it an experience worth sharing. Whether you’re still falling for each other or you’re celebrating a long and happy life together, there’s nothing more romantic than a countryside escape. 

Brisk country walks, delicious fine dining, or a nightcap in front of the fire – romantic country hotel breaks in Scotland really do have it all. SCHLOSS Roxburghe is no exception, and our gorgeous rooms & suites provide alone time at its luxurious best. Rural & romantic, get swept up at SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

The Total Scottish Country House Experience.

Perhaps the best thing about your stay at SCHLOSS Roxburghe is that you get to plan your own ideal country getaway weekend. Feel like exploring the surrounding countryside of the Scottish Borders? No problem. Playing a round of golf on our 18-hole Championship course? Go for it. Sleeping in before a Full Scottish Breakfast in our restaurant? Frankly, we encourage it. 

Whether you’re fulfilling your country weekend fantasy as a couple, a family or a group of friends or colleagues, everyone is sure to find the total Scottish country house experience a memorable one. For yet more inspiration on how to enjoy a rural retreat in Scotland, explore our website or get in touch with our friendly reservations team. We look forward to welcoming you to SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

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