Our Hotel Grounds & Gardens.

Take time out in the pretty Scottish gardens of SCHLOSS Roxburghe

An important feature of all good country house hotels in Scotland, gardens aren’t just for pretty Instagram posts. They are places for quiet reflection, fresh air, and getting back in touch with nature.

The grounds & gardens at SCHLOSS Roxburghe are a point of pride, therefore. Not only do they provide our guests with a space to exercise & explore, they also feed us! Whether you’re a hotel guest staying for the weekend or simply popping in for a fine dining experience, you can feel the benefits of the bountiful gardens of SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

It’s just one of the things that makes us a dog-friendly hotel too, plenty of room outside to stretch your legs – whether you have two, or four! From our flower gardens to the pond, to the golf course and beyond, SCHLOSS Roxburghe sits in acres of space – simply perfect when you need a break from the hustle & bustle...

Our Flower Gardens: Stop & Smell the Roses.

Gardens in Scotland are prized and important – no less so at SCHLOSS Roxburghe. We take great pride in the presentation of our hotel grounds, and that includes the many flower gardens dotted around our luxury Scottish hotel. A quiet, peaceful ambience can be found around the grounds so that our guests can take some time out and smell the roses…

Whether you’re visiting SCHLOSS Roxburghe for a weekend away, a round of golf or perhaps a scrumptious Afternoon Tea, we hope your experience is a relaxed one. The power of flowers and beautiful gardens is simple: 5 or 10 minutes is all it takes to reconnect with nature. Visiting SCHLOSS Roxburghe anyway? Take time to tip toe through the tulips with us!

Food, Glorious Food: Our Organic Vegetable Garden.

One thing you’ll notice when walking around our grounds is all the vegetables. Seasonal produce is important to us – ours couldn’t be sourced any more locally than this. Our kitchen team determine what’s needed, help rear the perfect crop, then use their talents to turn our home-grown veg into home-grown haute cuisine.

Our organic hotel philosophy is this: it tastes better when you know where it comes from. In practice this means growing as many of the fresh, tasty vegetables we serve up in our restaurants as possible. From the vegetable patches to the glasshouses, you might spot something in our gardens that will end up on your plate later!

Time Outdoors in the Scottish Borders.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, the Scottish Borders is a really good choice for a weekend away. With some of Scotland’s finest gardens dotted around the region, there’s plenty to do besides. From day trips to quaint towns & villages, to biking, hiking & horse-riding, it’s easy to plan some quality time outdoors with all the things to do in the Scottish Borders.

It’s also true that SCHLOSS Roxburghe have a lot of outdoor activities for you besides spending time in the garden. Our Championship Golf Course springs to mind, as well as all the country sports on offer – from fly-fishing to shooting to family-friendly activities, there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Come for the gardens, stay for the whole country house hotel experience.

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