A journey into history. 

The story of SCHLOSS Roxburghe dates back to the 12th century. Its colourful history is filled with enchanting stories of love and war, however we begin our chapter in the 18th century, also known as the Age of Reason.

It was in 1745 that the most famous and romanticised of all the Jacobite uprisings began. The foundations of the rebellion rested on the love held between father and son as Charles Edward Stuart attempted to take the throne for his father. Affectionately known today as Bonnie Prince Charles, the rebel rising has since become part of Scottish legend and folklore.

During the rebellion, the prince spent a night in the home of Lady Chatto. The magnificent estate, formerly known as Sunlaws, located in the peaceful countryside of the Scottish Borders was for one night host to one of Europe’s most romantic historical figures.

The following day he set forth his advance into England, however before he left the prince planted a white rosebush in the grounds of the Estate. The white rose is said to exist even to this day.

Whether it was planted out of passion or love, we do not know, however these two values guide us, as we carefully preserve the rich and indigenous heritage of Sunlaws, known today as SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

It is our love for the Scottish countryside and our passion for hospitality that we exist as we are today. We embrace the unparalleled beauty, heritage and culture that surrounds us, and we are passionate about sharing it with you. 

Be part of our journey.



Our Values.

be part of our journey.


Transparency creates trust. Authenticity is important, from the clothes that we wear to the words that we share. We strive to lead in our truest form. We will be true to our purpose and the values that drive us to deliver our guest experience.
We will inspire one another and make the work that we do meaningful, interesting and fun. We carry out our work with pride and passion. We encourage everyone to be themselves and we embrace everyone for their unique contributions to the estate.


It is passion for the Scottish countryside that enabled the estate to become what it is today. Passion is an energy that comes from within, an internal motivator and a following of one's values. Passion impels us to provide our guests with the best possible experience. Passion enables us to provide lasting memories for our guests. The value is not just “passion” it is “passion in all we do”. A powerful and inspiring force that allows us to deliver something quite extraordinary.


We respect and value our local community, the nature that surrounds us, the history that has carved our path, and the contribution this makes to who we are. We respect cultural differences, the values and unique desires of our guests, and the expertise of our team. 
We value the relationships that we have with our partners and suppliers and the diversity and passion that characterises who we are.
We operate with integrity and stand behind the promises that we make.

Tailor Made.

We are where ideas and dreams become a reality. We create experiences unique to each and every one of our guests. We provide an environment where our employees can realise their career aspirations. We embrace the unparalleled beauty, heritage and culture that surrounds us, and we make sure that everyone gets the most from every moment of their tailor-made journey with us.
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