Your Summer Staycation in the Scottish Borders

Holidaying Close to Home at SCHLOSS Roxburghe

‘Staycation’ is the buzzword of the 2021 holiday planning season, and with good reason – more people than ever before will be holidaying close to home this year. In a bid to avoid crowded planes, uncertain travel restrictions and the risk of getting stuck abroad, Brits from Land’s End to John o’ Groats are hoping to find attractive alternatives here in the UK.

For your consideration: SCHLOSS Roxburghe. Offering a luxurious staycation in the Scottish Borders, our country house hotel is every bit the getaway destination you need and deserve. From roomy & comfortably furnished suites, to fine dining in our restaurant, to our first-rate hospitality, feel relaxed and revitalized by your stay at SCHLOSS Roxburghe. Whether you love long walks in the country, golf, country sports or simply indulging in afternoon tea, there’s a treat here for every pace of life.

So, swap the sandy beaches of Mallorca for the sand traps of our Championship Golf Course. Swap sightseeing tours for open-air sports and activities. Swap the pitcher of Sangria for a dram of the finest Scottish whisky (we don’t recommend a pitcher of single malt). Keep reading for our top tips for a staycation in the Scottish Borders with us here at SCHLOSS Roxburghe…

A Luxurious Getaway That’s on your Doorstep.

Having a home away from home has never been more important. When you’ve been in the same four walls for a little too long, it’s good to ease yourself gently back into the world outside your window. Comfy & cosy, yet also stylish & chic, the rooms & suites at SCHLOSS Roxburghe offer the perfect balance. Our hotel accommodation is special and luxurious enough for you to feel indulged, but it’s still warm and welcoming enough that it feels like holidaying at home. That’s the true beauty of a country house staycation here in the Scottish Borders… the elegance is all rather effortless!

Out & About Around the Scottish Borders.

Chances are you don’t want to be cooped up during your 2021 staycation – even with an indoors as lovely as SCHLOSS Roxburghe’s, it’s good to be outside as much as possible right now. Luckily, the Scottish Borders has plenty of options. From bracing country hikes to horseback rides to biking through the hills & forests, South Scotland is a paradise for adventurers. If you prefer four wheels to two, you also have the option of taking winding country drives through some of the quaint towns & villages in the Scottish Borders. Here you’ll find tearooms, pubs and visitor attractions aplenty – also a great way to show support for the local economy.

Scottish Staycation Activities for this Summer.

Should you want to spend some time outdoors but prefer to stay closer to home, SCHLOSS Roxburghe offers a vast array of fun activities you can do right here. If there’s a staycation activity more Scottish than golf, we haven’t found it yet. Our Championship-grade course is renowned far & wide, and offers a fun activity for ardent golf fans and amateurs alike. Similarly, fly-fishing is yet another distinctly Scottish activity that’s accessible to all – the fishing season continues throughout the year, too. From shooting to tomahawk throwing, there are lots of country sports on offer at SCHLOSS Roxburghe, certain to keep you busy throughout your staycation.

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