Luxury Weddings in Scotland.

Your Dream Wedding at SCHLOSS Roxburghe Hotel.

Researching luxury wedding venues in Scotland can be a bit of an up-and-down process. On the one hand, discovering beautiful new wedding venues can spark the imagination; it’s wonderful being able to picture yourself and your loved ones celebrating your big day somewhere really special. On the other hand, there are lots of great options for wedding hotels to sort through!

Allow us to pitch you one more (we promise, it’s a good one!). For your consideration: SCHLOSS Roxburghe. One of the finest luxury hotels in the Scottish Borders, SCHLOSS Roxburghe doubles for a dream wedding location. With a seasoned events management team ready to help plan your big bash, our fresh, modern & unique aesthetic offers the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

From the first-class catering, to the luxury suites to stay and get ready in, to the beautiful grounds for summer celebrations – we think you’ll love every inch of this place. Ready to find out more about weddings at SCHLOSS Roxburghe? Just keep reading…

Weddings in a Winter Wonderland.

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Your Big Day at SCHLOSS Roxburghe.

Picture this: the excitement while you and your party get ready for the big day in one of our sprawling suites. Descending our hotel’s grand staircase in your last moments of being a singleton. A beautiful ceremony, pictures around our gorgeous grounds, a mouth-watering spread to savour… And on and on goes the most special and important day of your life at SCHLOSS Roxburghe, the perfect setting for a luxury hotel wedding here in the Scottish Borders.

And what better place to start off married life together than this romantic corner of Scotland? As wedding day fades into wedding night, the party disbands and you’re left with just each other, the most peaceful, stylish and luxurious start to happily ever after. The honeymoon has already, somehow, begun. You can wake up in the morning to a hearty Scottish breakfast to help you feel human again. Luxury weddings in Scotland simply don’t get better than this.

A Luxury Wedding Venue with All the Trimmings.

Every wedding is different, and every couple is different. Naturally, SCHLOSS Roxburghe don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to wedding planning. Instead, we simply facilitate your dream day in a way that embraces everything that’s special about you. From first meeting right up until the nuptials, your wedding is a collaborative effort between our team and yours. It’s our job to make your dreams a spectacular reality.

What do SCHLOSS Roxburghe bring to the table? Years of experience and expertise in event planning (weddings, celebrations, parties… you name it!), top-notch onsite catering options and a whole host of local contacts for everything from flowers to decorations to transportation. Rest assured; this is one luxury wedding venue that comes with all the trimmings!

The Romance of Weddings in the Scottish Borders.

The Scottish Borders has a long history as a romantic wedding destination. For hundreds of years, Borders marriages were chosen by runaway couples from England, too young to marry without parental consent in their native lands. These marriages – most famously in Gretna Green, but all across the Borders – helped define the region as a romantic hotspot, and weddings have been popular here with couples from all over the U.K. ever since.
Today, the bulk of weddings in the Scottish Borders are a little less clandestine. Rather than runaway couples, Scottish weddings are associated nowadays with the romance of luxury hotels & grand estates. Big parties with loved ones are the norm, and a memorable day of traditions and celebrations is now par for the course.

Feel like the SCHLOSS Roxburghe hotel & your wedding day are a match made in heaven? Get in touch with our events team for more information or to arrange a tour of our wedding facilities.

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