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Scottish Summer.

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the Scottish Borders. SCHLOSS Roxburghe is a perfect location to explore the flora and fauna on our doorstep, go on outdoor adventures and take day trips to Edinburgh or the coast. Be sure to make the most of your stay with one of our exciting summer activities such as golf, hiking, fly fishing, shooting or horse riding. Go on a scenic hike or make a splash with some water sports along the coastline and at St Mary’s loch, the largest stretch of water in the South of Scotland. There are so many things to do in Scotland in summer, it’s almost hard to choose. On this page you can find some more inspiration and we are always happy to give you tips for the best summer events Scotland has to offer.

Summer Events in Scotland

Edinburgh’s famous festivals should be part of your to-do list! People from all over the world are drawn to some of the world’s most famous festivals. The Scottish capital’s streets fill up with special events, shows and performances such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Edinburgh International FestivalEdinburgh Fringe Festival and The Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival.

At Edinburgh International Film Festival important new films and new filmmaking directions are introduced each year and it is the world's longest continually running film festival. It’s renowned for discovering the very best in international cinema. The Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival attracts a wonderful array of international visitors looking for the very best Jazz and Blues artists that the world has to offer. The city comes alive with vivid colours and the stunning scenery provides the perfect backdrop to make the event experience even more special. Edinburgh Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. For three weeks in August, the city gets transformed as performers and artists, from the unknown to the world famous, take to the stage. With thousands of performances, the audience can choose their favourite artists from genres such as dance, and more. 

A day by the sea in Scotland.

The Borders is a beautifully lush area in summer, with plenty to discover right at our doorstep. SCHLOSS Roxburghe is also just half an hour’s drive from the sea – so it’s perfectly located for taking a day trip to visit some of Scotland’s finest beaches. Coldingham Bay, for example, is one of several beaches on the Berwickshire coast and has even won an award for being an especially clean and sustainable destination. Get to the beach early to catch the morning sun on the glistening sea and climb the hillock in the south of the beach for a fantastic view along the coastline. Located in the town of Eyemouth, Coldingham Bay is a relaxed place that is appreciated by surfers and dog walkers alike. From here, you can take a walk to the nearby fishing village of St Abbs along the Creel Path and marvel at the clear sea. The rocky beach of St Abbs is especially popular with snorkelers and divers. 


Explore the wonders close to you while staying at SCHLOSS Roxburghe and discover some of nature’s hidden secrets. Hiking in the forests, hills and moors of Midlothian and the Borders offers you an opportunity to look out for some extraordinary species. White-tailed sea eagles, playful dolphins, red deers and seals are just a few of the amazing creatures living in this region. Red deers are the largest living mammal in the UK and can be found in almost every region in the country but are best spotted during the months of September up to November. Explore the forests, hills and moors but also the waters off the Berwickshire Coast to have a closer look into the marine life. Otters, seals, and bottlenose dolphins are some of the species living here and if you’re lucky you might even get a chance to spot some seal pups! 
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