Winter at SCHLOSS Roxburghe

Inspiration for your winter vacation in Scotland

Winter in the Scottish Borders is a magical experience. At SCHLOSS Roxburghe, you can expect to relax and be pampered during the cold winter months. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the season, with the leaves turning red in autumn, and the first days of frost and snow.
There are plenty of things to do on a winter break in Scotland. Whether you are here for a week or a weekend getaway, you will be able to take advantage of the many outdoor activities and indoor cosiness of our SCHLOSS. It is the perfect place to spend Halloween with a bonfire, as well as Christmas and Hogmanay, the festive Scottish new year.

Cosy winter nights in Scotland

After a day spent outdoors in the rolling hills and at the rivers of the Scottish Borders, you can warm yourself in our cosy lounges with their roaring open fires or outdoor at the fire pit. Check our hotel offers page for the ultimate Fire Pit Experience, where you can have a glass of fine whisky with friends.
In our bars and restaurants, you can recharge with a hearty gourmet meal and take your afternoon tea by the fire. Imagine yourself sipping a gingerbread latte or a cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate, and feeling the warmth slowly spread throughout your body. 

Winter Weddings

Make your winter wedding dreams come true at SCHLOSS Roxburghe. If you are looking for a luxury destination for your special day, you have found the right place. Experience our first-class catering, stay in our luxury suits, and enjoy our grounds which are just as beautiful in winter as they are in summer and spring. Learn more about weddings at SCHLOSS Roxburghe. When you wake up to a full breakfast the next morning, your honeymoon in the Scottish Borders has already begun. 

Golf and Hiking in the Scottish Winter

The nature around our hotel is perfect for everyone who is looking for a peaceful and luxurious stay. Bring your dog with you on your winter break in Scotland for long night walks through the wonderland around our hotel. Discover our woodland walk, smell the rain and snow in the air, and watch the colours of your surroundings change throughout the day and season.

Here you can also spend your winter break in Scotland on one of the country’s best golf courses. The SCHLOSS Roxburghe golf course offers you beautiful views and distinct challenges. If you are looking to play golf on a championship-grade course this winter, this is the place to go. Have a look at our Winter golf membership on our dedicated website for more information.

Fishing in Winter

Our hotel stands as a popular destination for fly fishing. In winter, it's a particularly calming experience. Your first thought may be at the freezing temperatures, but if you choose your days wisely, you might just have your best fishing experience in the autumn and winter season. Learn new techniques at our educational Fly Fishing Centre, located on the grounds of our hotel. Our fishing instructor, the former World Team Spey Casting Champion Eoin Fairgrieve, can teach you all sorts of modern fly-fasting techniques and increase your chances at catching Atlantic salmon, sea trout, and brown trout. The rivers and stillwaters of the River Tweed system are quieter than in the summer season, allowing you to fully appreciate the fantastic surroundings and the peacefulness of fishing.

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