Bird with wings spread catching a fish in flight near water, showcasing nature's beauty
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Wildlife Tracker

Welcome to the Scottish Borders.

This is one of the most unique and varied natural habitats in the world, where open plains meet pristine waters, teeming with life; from the rarest freshwater bivalves and seldom seen otters, to bountiful sport fish and the beautiful birds that hunt their fry. 

There are conifer and temperate deciduous forests, where the almost extinct Scottish wildcat eludes even the keenest wildlife enthusiasts. And of course, the sprawling grasslands and moorlands of the Borders are roamed by game animals in their hundreds. 

At SCHLOSS Roxburghe, we’re supremely fortunate to call this place our home. And on the acres of land we curate, there are macro and micro habitats, bustling with life. But even with our foothold in the Borders, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to wildlife discovery. So, we set out to change all that. 

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of local wildlife you can see in our area – from nightly sights, like the humble hedgehog, to incredibly rare, once in a lifetime wildlife experiences.

Part of destination by Hyatt

Our newest addition for 2024 Ideal for family escapes, couple stay-cations and sport seeking friend groups. Our self-catering cottages located on the estate of SCHLOSS Roxburghe.
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