Person holding a basket of fresh vegetables at 12.18. Roxburghe Hotel Golf & Spa Ltd.
Part of destination by Hyatt

Our hotel's own farming project.

Good to know where it comes from.

Set in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Scottish Borders, you don’t have to look far beyond SCHLOSS Roxburghe’s very own gardens for fresh food. There, discover fresh vegetables that will soon find their way from farm to plate, into our bars & restaurants.

An increasing number of people seek to live their lives more consciously. They place an emphasis on healthy eating and, wherever possible, using sustainably sourced products is more important than ever for our guests. SCHLOSS Roxburghe are embracing this with our estate grown produce. This is not a trend, but a way of life.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is incorporated into our day-to-day operations. Knowing where it comes from makes the food in our restaurants taste that little bit better. Guests at SCHLOSS Roxburghe can experience the highest provenance of food from farm to plate. We serve fresh food that couldn’t be any fresher, and local produce that couldn’t be any more locally sourced!

From Estate…

Out in the SCHLOSS Roxburghe gardens something special is happening year-round. Fresh veg is growing, with attention paid to the very best produce each season can offer.

The pride of our gardens, the vegetable patch is special to us because it helps define the flavours we serve up inside the hotel. Grown with care, natural, and most-of-all fresh, the secret ingredient is TLC.
SCHLOSS Roxburghe Hotel's garden with fresh veggies, embodying dedication to season's best produce.

…To Plate

Growing fine, fresh produce is half the battle – you also need to know what to do with it. Produce from our gardens find their way into the seasonal menus of our restaurants. For an idea of what we serve up, take a look at the menu here.

Combining our vegetables with other fresh and locally sourced produce, including the best local meat and fish, the kitchen team create plates which represent the very best foods of the Scottish Borders. From hearty meals to fresh sweets, go from course to course delighted with the delicious & organic food on offer.
Plate showcasing the best of Scottish Borders cuisine with locally sourced ingredients at 12.18. Roxburghe Hotel.

Ready for Summer! SCHLOSS Roxburghe self-catering Cottages Experience summer in the heart of our estate grounds.
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